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Travel to Tanzania in a day—immerse in diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and wildlife wonders for an unforgettable snapshot of East African allure.


Day Trip Treasures

Quick Thrills, Endless Wonders

Experience the allure of Tanzania in a day with our Travel to Tanzania Day Trip. Immerse yourself in diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and wildlife wonders. From sunrise to sunset, indulge in the essence of this East African gem. Explore, savor, and create lasting memories on a journey crafted for those seeking a quick yet immersive escape. This day trip provides a snapshot of Tanzania’s magic, promising adventure, excitement, and unforgettable moments. Join us for an unforgettable experience that captures the heart and soul of Travel to Tanzania in just one day.

Materuni Water Falls coffee tour
& Chemka Hot Springs day trips

Embark on a captivating Materuni Coffee and Waterfalls Tour, set against the picturesque slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, just a short drive from Moshi. Begin your day with an early hotel pick-up, heading straight to Materuni Village, a cultural haven dominated by the resilient Chagga tribe. The tour unfolds with a visit to a family-operated Kahawa Shamba, revealing the intricacies of coffee production integral to Chagga heritage. A brisk hike through lush landscapes leads to Materuni Falls, where cascading waters beckon a revitalizing swim. Enjoy a packed lunch before or after the swim, harmonizing adventure and relaxation. Bid adieu to Materuni Village as the sun sets, returning to Arusha or Moshi with Kilimanjaro Bound, your gateway to diverse, unforgettable African day trips.



Full Day Trip Ngorongoro
Crater From Arusha Town

Commencing at 6:00 am, we’ll pick you up from your Arusha hotel or residence post-breakfast. Head to the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority Area with a packed lunch. Descend 600m into the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater for a full-day game drive. This area boasts a high concentration of African wildlife, hosting around 30,000 animals, including Tanzania’s last black rhinos.

Nourished by a steady water supply, the Ngorongoro Conservation supports diverse wildlife, featuring wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, eland, warthog, hippo, and giant African elephants. Predators like lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, and the elusive leopard add to the park’s allure. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Ngoitokitoki Swamp on the crater floor. In the evening, return to Arusha and conclude the tour with drop-off at your hotel or residence.


Serval Wildlife Sanctuary

Serval Wildlife boasts an array of inhabitants, from majestic Lions to serene Colobus Monkeys and graceful Masai Giraffes. The sanctuary offers direct encounters with free-roaming wildlife, creating lasting memories. Animal interactions are carefully overseen by experienced keepers at Serval Wildlife, emphasizing Safety, Animal Health, and Welfare. These interactions unfold naturally, allowing animals to approach and disengage at their own pace. After the wildlife experience, the journey continues to Kikuletwa Hot Spring, providing three hours of relaxation amid dried riverbeds and the company of baobab and acacia trees. The tour concludes with a safe return to Arusha town or Moshi, capping off a memorable adventure.


Arusha National Park Day Trip

Explore a smaller Tanzanian national park with a morning game drive and an afternoon canoeing safari. This park boasts a diverse range of wildlife and landscapes, from the swampy Ngurdoto Crater and alkaline lakes to dense jungles and the towering peaks of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. Spot acrobatic black-and-white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, pink flamingos, and more.

Indulge in a serene 2-hour canoeing safari on Momela Lake, providing a unique perspective on the landscape and wildlife. On clear days, the park offers stunning views of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. This Day Trip includes a morning transfer from Arusha town (or your lodge) to Arusha National Park and a return in the late afternoon.


Lake Manyara National Park Day Trip

Discover the charm of Lake Manyara Park today through an enthralling game drive. Positioned on the edge of the Rift Valley, this modest-sized park boasts surprising diversity. Lake Manyara is famed for its vast soda lake adorned with pink flamingos, a thriving baboon population, diverse birdlife, and breathtaking vistas.

The park also offers a substantial chance to encounter elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and, with a stroke of luck, the elusive tree-climbing lions. This Day Trip involves a morning transfer from Arusha to Lake Manyara and a return to Arusha in the late afternoon. Uncover more about this extraordinary adventure.


Maasai Village Tour

Explore the vibrant Maasai culture with our Village Tour. Immerse in age-old traditions, witness captivating rituals, and experience the warm hospitality of this iconic East African community.


Tarangire Day Trip

Embark on a thrilling game drive and savor a picnic lunch in Tarangire National Park today. This picturesque park is renowned as the kingdom of elephants, birds, and striking baobabs. Boasting one of the world’s highest concentrations of elephants and an impressive variety of breeding bird species, Tarangire promises a captivating safari adventure.

Beyond the majestic elephants, the park is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including giraffes, impalas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, dik-dik, mongoose, and more. This Day Trip includes a morning transfer from Arusha to Tarangire and a return journey to Arusha in the late afternoon.


Kilimanjaro Day Trip

Following breakfast at your accommodation, rendezvous with your guide and embark on a two-hour drive to the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate. Upon arrival, complete the necessary registration procedures and initiate the climb. Traverse the rainforest en route to the Mandara encampment, with an optional side trip to Maundi Crater offering panoramic views of Northern Tanzania and Kenya. Within the rainforest, observe majestic Eucalyptus trees, diverse birdlife, and the playful Colobus monkeys.

Post-lunch, trek back to the park gate, conclude the hike, and return to Arusha by car.

Elevation: From 1860m/6100ft to 2700m/8875ft
Distance: 8km/5mi
Hiking Time: Approximately 3-4 hours ascent / 2-3 hours descent
Habitat: Montane Forest
In the late afternoon, you’ll journey back to Arusha.


Kilimanjaro Day Hike to Mandara Hut

Following your morning meal at the hotel, rendezvous with your guide for a journey to the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate, approximately a 2-hour drive from Arusha. Upon arrival, complete the necessary registration procedures and initiate the climb. Wander through the rainforest towards the Mandara encampment, with an optional side excursion to Maundi Crater providing excellent views of the surrounding areas, including Northern Tanzania and Kenya. Within the lush rainforest, keep an eye out for towering Eucalyptus trees, diverse birdlife, and playful Colobus monkeys.

After a satisfying lunch, trek back to the park gate, conclude the hike, and return to Arusha by vehicle.

Elevation: Ascend from 1860m/6100ft to 2700m/8875ft
Distance: Cover 8km/5mi
Hiking Time: Ascend for approximately 3-4 hours / Descend for 2-3 hours
Habitat: Montane Forest
In the late afternoon, a drive will take you back to Arusha.


Coffee Tour

Indulge in the world of coffee, a universally beloved beverage. Have you ever wondered about the journey from seed to cup? Tanzania, a significant coffee exporter, provides an opportunity to explore this process while enjoying the fruits of many hardworking individuals. Our trip unfolds the intricate path of coffee production, focusing on a farm committed to organic and Fairtrade practices. This commitment matters because farmers often receive minimal compensation, insufficient to support their families. We go the extra mile, paying our farmers three times the standard rate. The organic approach ensures the absence of harmful chemicals, promoting a safer environment for farmers and a healthier product for consumers. Don’t miss this chance to delve into the fascinating world of coffee.


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